Posing a Good Question

There are a few guidelines that will help you formulate an appropriate question to ask the tarot and will increase the odds of receiving  an accurate and helpful answer.  Try to limit the asking to one question at a time. The deck was designed to bring insight and clarity to its user, so the best questions often begin with the request to reveal guidance, insightful and helpful understandings, to a particular event, relationship, situation,  or choice that is under consideration.  Watch out for the word “should.”  The cards were not designed to tell you what to do.  Nor is it appropriate to ask about friends , relatives, and neighbors unless you are asking for insight into your own relationship with them.  Even well-meaning parents receive little benefit from asking about their children’s lives.

All readings are for NOW, so asking about what will or will not happen takes the question into the realm of predicting the future and usually produces vague and/or conflicting results.  “If I go to the casino on Wednesday, will I win $1000.?” ‘ isn’t exactly a fair question.  There are too many variables to consider, not the least of which are when, where, and what are you going to play?; how much are you planning on betting?; who else will be there? etc.  Yes/no questions are better answered using tools other than the cards.

One of the questions that has always served me well is, “Please give me some insight into what is in the highest and best for me to know at this time.”  Sometimes, especially when life gets confusing and/or troublesome, I ask, “Please give me some insight into what’s going on in and around me at this time.”

If you are reading for someone else, you can either discuss the topic that underlies the request for a reading, or you can simply ask the seeker to mentally complete the sentence, “Please give me some insight into . . . .”   What (s)he uses to fill in the blank can be general or specific. “Please  give me some insight into my getting the job I applied for last week” will result  in a different reading than “Please give me some insight into my current job search.”

Last week, I was experiencing some discomfort because I had not yet picked up the 2013 taxes from the accountant.  I pulled a card after asking for some insight into what was going on in my life.  The two of swords came up.  Yes, indeed, I was almost paralyzed with fear thinking I would owe a large sum of money, something that had happened in the past.  I was preparing for the worst.  The card said I was overreacting.  Sure enough, I got news the next day that a small refund was headed my way!


Two of Swords

Two of Swords

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