Our Own Worst Enemy

All of the twos in the tarot deck refer back to the High Priestess, who represents the Gift of Knowledge, and they are all tied to the concepts of balance, polarities, and choices. I mentioned the two of swords in an earlier blog, and now it is time to consider the two of pentacles.

Two of Pentacles

This is a familiar predicament we all face when we use the word “but.”  This card is also a concrete visualization of the phrase, “On the one hand. . . ., BUT on the other hand. . . . ”  The background of the turbulent waters/rocky seas echoes  the emotional ups and downs we experience when we feel we must choose one thing and reject another.  Whenever we make a statement and follow it with the word “but,” it’s as good as erasing the original statement.  If I tell my students, “I love you all, but . . .  ,”  they no longer believe that I love them.

The advice of the card is clear, “Stop dancing.  Relax your arms so that both options rest gently in your hands, and find a way to include both in your reality.”   I attended a seminar once where the participants were encouraged to eliminate the word “but” from their vocabularies for an entire week and substitute the word “and” instead.  It was harder to do than I expected.  One particular telemarketer was nonplussed when I remarked, “I believe in your cause, AND I will not give you any money.”

The twos were designed to expand our consciousness and keep us from becoming our own worst enemies.  They suggest we broaden our view of “what is” to include a fresh perspective and reduce the stress in our lives.


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