All Twos Relate Back to the High Priestess

Since all the twos in the tarot deck relate back to the High Priestess, it’s helpful to explore that relationship further and contemplate the nature of the two (2) (II) (20).

High Priestess
What comes to mind when you think of two? — Double, more than one, couple, pair, polarity, opposites, twins, split, choices, comparisons, sharing, receptivity, duality, reflection, relationship, balance, and probably others I have not listed are possible answers.

The High Priestess sits in perfect balance between the two pillars of King Solomon’s Temple (Boaz and Jachin), the Dark and the Light.  She is seated, still, and silent.  Both conscious and sub-conscious knowledge are hers, and she communicates telepathically.  She embodies what is referred to as “passive female energy,”  which encompasses the receptivity and the holding/nurturing nature more often attributed to women.  Of course, all humans carry a mix of both male and female energy, and that ratio is not necessarily gender specific or connected to one’s sexuality.

The High Priestess reminds (re-minds) us that we already have the answers inside us.  However, it is absolutely necessary to get ourselves into a calm, quiet, balanced, receptive place to access that knowledge and be able to make full use of it.  She comes up in a card reading when a choice needs to be made.  The seeker is encouraged to stop looking for the answers outside of herself.  The High Priestess (and all the other twos) encourages the seeker to find the unity that underlies the apparent duality or polarity.

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