An Eleven (11) Does Not Reduce to a Two (2)



An eleven is a Master Number and does not reduce to a two.  I realized some of you may have confused the Roman two ( II)  for an eleven (XI) in an earlier post.  The eleven is unique, and the Justice card holds the only Roman numeral XI in the deck.  The Pages in the Court cards also carry the eleven vibration although no Roman numeral appears on them.  Eleven is a prime number, divisible only by itself and one.  The eleven speaks to insight and inspiration used to uplift others.

Justice in the tarot deck is not blind or blindfolded.  She is amazingly strong, holding both the sword and the scales  without having to brace her arms.   Like the High Priestess, she sits between two pillars, so the theme of balance is present again, but the area between the two pillars is curtained off.  Her right foot peeks out from beneath her robe, so she seems prepared to move at a moment’s notice.  Yet she sits and waits for whatever it is to come to her to be judged.

If this card appears in your reading, you are being told to be steady and patient.  Justice will be done, but there is more going on in the situation you have asked about than you can possibly understand at this moment in time.

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