The Chariot and the Tower

The Chariot The Tower

Has your life felt like this lately?  You are not alone.  The sevens in the tarot deck all relate back to the Chariot, and the 16 vibration of the Tower reduces to a seven and is, therefore, related as well.

Seven is a sacred number. God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Seven is a secret number; think of the Seventh Seal or the Biblical references to the seventh son of the seventh son.  Seven is a lucky number in gambling; I know I’m a winner when three sevens come up on the slot machine.  Seven is a prime number, only divisible by itself and one.  All of the sevens speak to the unknown quality of the future, the potentials that are there, and the need to separate ourselves from the old ways and means of living.

Has your good-luck charm stopped working?  Do you feel you are being separated from all you have built up?  Has the vehicle that took you to this point suddenly refused to serve you now?  Are you being pushed out of your comfort zone?  Fear of the unknown is very common and very real.  Again, you are not alone.

The good news is that if you abandon the vehicle, another will be available.  Even if you think you are falling, you will land on your feet and be fine.  You will move on and build anew using a different basis and/or foundation.  Remember, the lightning strike in the Tower card is a brilliant flash of insight and understanding.  Yeah, you “could’a had a V-8,” and you’ll know better next time.

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