Judgment (or Judgement) in the Tarot Deck


The Judgement card in the tarot deck also relates back to the High Priestess since the 20 (XX) reduces to a 2.  It contains the idea of choice (2) backed by the higher power of the zero (0).  It depicts people rising from the dead in response to an angelic call.  Some people think this card is scarier than Death because it shows an afterlife where some sort of accounting, evaluating, sorting-out, labeling, and/or sentencing looks like it’s about to take place.

This card refers to the “religious” meaning of judgement, not the legal decision/verdict or the process people use to decide what’s in their best and highest.  It rests on the belief that  a Higher Power will choose the path of heaven or hell for all souls.  The trumpet blast is a wake-up call to which ALL must respond.

Once again, we are being asked to move beyond the perception that a choice must be made.  Even if you do nothing in this world/lifetime except take care of yourself, you have done a service to humanity by being responsible (able to respond) and not leaving your “stuff” lying around for others to have to take care of.  The note that is sounded is one of connection and love; we are all “in this together.”

If the Judgement card comes up for you, you are being asked to let go of the perceived choice that you must either take care of yourself OR take care of others.  You can’t do one without doing the other.  You are being reminded that everything and everyone responds to the call of love.  The Hebrew sage, Rabbi Hillel, said, “If I am not for myself, who will be?  If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”

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