Where Do You Stand or Sit or Lie Down?

Four of CupsFour of PentaclesFour of SwordsFour of Wands

The fours in the tarot deck speak to the foundation on which we are ready to build.  In other words, what’s the dominant vibration we are offering to the universe at this time and concerning the matter at hand? As you can see, they range all the way from being closed off to anything new, from complete withdrawal to full participation in life.

When a four comes up in your reading, you are being asked to pay attention to your own position, your own participation (or not), and just what you’re willing to allow into your reality as a “given.”  Are you out of touch with your feelings, emotions, and relationships, keeping your heart protected so you won’t be hurt again (cups)?  Are you certain that you have everything of value and don’t have room for anything else, putting yourself in a precarious position, guarding all those values, which lie outside yourself (pentacles)?  Have you totally withdrawn any effort to overcome conflict, believing that he who expects nothing shall never be disappointed (swords)?  Or are you certain and sure of  your skills and talents, rushing joyously toward the future, excited to be interacting with others and with life (wands)?

The good news is that you can change your reality, raise your vibration, and resolve any beliefs that are holding you back.  Here’s where Theta Healing comes in handy  One of the best sources for Theta Healing  is Karen Abrams http://www.thinktheta.com  Look in the “Interviews” section of her website and listen for free to what she has to offer.



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