Go for the Flow


The numeral eight (8) in our number system is connected to the infinity sign which appears in this card.  The sign itself almost looks like a sideways eight.  The person pictured on the Strength card reminds us that we are capable of never-ending choices as to what vibration we broadcast.  Another way to say this is that we can decide at any given moment  who we are, what attitude, role, and intensity we project to others.  We are multi-dimensional beings and can connect to other kingdoms and other realms as long as we are “tuned” or matched to the correct, resonant “channel,” so an unimpeded flow can happen .

In the tarot deck, the Star (17) and the eights of each suit relate back to the Strength card and ask us, as do all the cards, to be aware of what vibrational message we are broadcasting.  Does this make it any easier to understand why money is associated with the number eight?  When you offer money (vibrational energy), if the price is right (it matches the price on the ticket), you can receive the goods you asked for (it will flow to you).

If the Strength card comes up for you in a reading, it means you are probably NOT receiving what you asked for because the vibration you are putting forth is not enough of a match for the exchange to take place.  You’re trying to make things happen before all the parts are in place.  You don’t have enough or the right kind of “money” to buy it.  There are usually beliefs that are holding you back.   If you see yourself as “poor” or “wanting,” you won’t be able to buy much. Remember, you can change your beliefs in a snap.

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