Time Out

The Hanged Man

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling that NOTHING seems to be happening, no matter how hard you try to make it move?  You may be under the influence of the Hanged Man.  This card carries the number 12 (XII), so it relates back to the Empress, number 3 (III).  While the Empress embodies active female energies and represents unlimited creativity, the Hanged Man seems very removed from those qualities.

However, the Hanged Man does not appear to be suffering or even unhappy with his current situation.  He is hanging from one foot, like a circus performer, and there is a golden aura around his head, indicating this position supports and enables wisdom.  He seems relaxed.  This is much like the headstand position in yoga or the exercise equipment that tilts the whole body at an extreme angle to refresh the circulation.  Both require a temporary respite or “time out” from the usual activities of life where the practitioner or participant willingly chooses a new orientation or perspective.

If the Hanged Man shows up in your reading, you may or may not have willingly chosen this position, but you are being asked  temporarily to suspend the outer activities in order to focus on the inner ones.  A friend suggested that the card tells you it’s time to learn from your “hang-ups.”  This “time-out” is not a punishment but a chance to expand your consciousness, to shift gears, and to assess where you are and where you want to go from here.

The Hanged Man will absorb the wisdom and new perspective and then right himself, remove his foot from the loop, and continue on his journey.

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