Three or More Majors

All the Majors

The “three or more” rule applies to suits, numbers, and most especially the Major Arcana.  Using the Celtic Cross, if your reading contains three or more of the Major Arcana, you are being given information that pertains to your soul’s mission in this lifetime, what you put on your “To Do” list before you incarnated, in other words, the heavy-duty stuff.  While it is true  that every action elicits an equal  and  powerful reaction, the attitudes, actions, and decisions one makes involving the issues depicted in the Minor Arcana are usually shorter-term and cause less of a ripple effect than those concerning the Majors.

While the Minors relate, more or less, to everyday living, and the suits of the Minors tell what area of your life is most affected, the Majors relate more to long-term goals, your life as a whole, your character traits, and the “core beliefs” that you hold.  If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Who am I, why am I here, and what’s this all about?” you have probably tapped into some of the answers the Majors bring.

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