All the Swords

Swords became spades in the modern playing deck and are associated with the element of air.  They are not “bad” cards and represent the ways we deal with the inevitable conflict in our lives.  Swords that are pictured vertically are active conflicts while those that are horizontal are passive ones.  Since each card gives information as to the vibration we are sending out at the moment, the swords not only tell us how we are handling a conflict situation but also how to proceed to the most beneficial outcome.

The fourteen members of the suit go all the way from triumphing over conflict, to the depths of despair when we see ourselves as victims without choices, and then back to mastering the various conflicts we encounter.   A conflict occurs when something or someone is moving in a direction that challenges or opposes the direction we have chosen.  It has been said that Lightworkers don’t have fewer conflicts to overcome, they just have more tools at their disposal to deal with them.

If there are three or more swords in any one reading, the reading is about a conflict or challenge that must be met.  Even when a reading includes just one or two swords, it suggests a way to take care of the apparent dissonance that is part of the NOW picture.  The tarot suggests that being aware of conflict is of benefit so that harmony can be restored.

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