All the Wands

All the Wands

The tarot suit of wands became clubs in the modern playing deck.  They are associated with the element of fire and represent our gifts, skills, and talents, the way we take hold of and manage them, and the beliefs we hold about the strengths and weaknesses of these tools.  Even though clubs are sometimes used as weapons, and, in modern usage, a club may be a group of people who share some common interest, the tarot clubs deal more with abilities, either innate or acquired, that the soul or spirit embodies, demonstrates, and manifests.

The wands are alive and budding; they may continue to grow and develop.  Some appear to have been planted, another indication that they have been selected in a particular situation.  Some wands are taller and/or thicker than others.  The eight of wands is the only card in the deck where there is no empowered hand or central figure pictured on the card, holding or gazing at one or more of the representative(s) of the suit.

If  there are three or more wands in any single reading, it means the focus is on the seeker’s skills and talents and how (s) he handles them.  Several of the wands give information as to how comfortable the seeker is when dealing with his/her abilities and suggest what the next logical step may be for the seeker to pursue.


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