Stuck at Survival

Eight of SwordsThe lowest level of consciousness that all humans must master is survival, and the body’s cellular memory is dedicated to that purpose.  The root chakra, at the base of the spine, and the base of the brain, where the fight or flight response is located, are associated with this function.  There is a simplicity in the notion of grounding, allowing one’s connection to the earth to nourish, balance, and sustain life.

At this level, we frequently feel like victims with little or no power to make an impact on our lives or even on a particular situation.  We cannot see a way out and feel immobilized by what we think is happening. We are desperately uncomfortable and unhappy, feeling that we don’t have choices because we are powerless.

It is only when one becomes stuck at this level that problems occur.  That’s when we take on the role of victim and, in order to maintain our sanity, blame others for what is happening in our lives. The drama at this level is huge, and we perceive the conflict as insurmountable.  The Law of Attraction guarantees that we will magnetize even more experiences to support this unless we raise our vibration and our consciousness.  The momentum of the downward spiral is powerful, and, as the eight of swords depicts, the waters may be rising.

If this card appears in your reading, it’s time to yell, “STOP!  I create my own reality, and I ALWAYS have choices”.  If you are able to shrug your shoulders and  admit that the situation is not really a life or death matter, the restraints will fall off,  you can remove the blindfold, see where you really are, and climb to higher ground.

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