Stuck at Survival (Part 2)

Pyramid of Progress

Until someone is able and ready to be responsible (able to respond) for his/her actions, there is a tendency to become stuck in victim-consciousness and blame others for everything that happens.  It’s the blaming that turns a victim into a bully because blaming is a form of attack.

A victim will run into your car and then scream, “Look what you made me do!  Of course it’s your fault; if you hadn’t parked there, I would never have run into you.”  Victims attract other victims as “friends,” and they spend a lot of time playing “Ain’t it Awful” and complaining.  This is usually because the world is perceived as a hostile place, and a lifetime here is just the dues one has to pay to earn a spot in the afterlife.

Every victim looks for a rescuer; it’s part of making others responsible for the victim’s actions.  However, anyone who rescues  the victim will find that his/her “help” is never appreciated, and there are no lasting effects.  The victim feels entitled and expects to receive help from others; victims can easily become parasites, sucking the life out of the rescuers.

 “Why me?” and “What’s the use?” are the tunes that victims dance to, and they wake up each morning simply because they have not died the night before.  Each day is a struggle because they are sure that someone and/or something is out to get them.  They resent anyone who seems happy and/or well-off, attributing both to favoritism and ill-gotten gains because “we all know that life is unfair.”

Most victims do not seek the wisdom of the tarot.  The tarot lovingly attempts to guide seekers to move higher on the pyramid of consciousness, and the victim’s default behavior is so locked into the “I can”t,” that he/she turns a deaf ear to helpful advice and perceives it as just more criticism in an already overburdened existence.

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