The View from the Top

Pyramid of Progress The “object of the game,” so to speak, is to get to the top of the pyramid as often as you can and stay there as long as possible.  This is the Love level, where everybody wins (win/win) and nobody loses.  At this level, which is centered in the heart chakra, everything that Life presents is welcomed as an expansion of experience/information/knowledge  where  the individual chooses to hold onto the wisdom that is acquired and let go of the rest, constantly redefining and enhancing the definition of the “I AM.”

There is a knowing that there is plenty of everything to go around, and sharing takes the place of competition and replaces the perception of lack.  Never having to make anyone or anything “wrong” allows the fine-tuning of discernment, (what’s right for me; what works for me) to replace judgment and bring an atmosphere of joy to the expansion of consciousness.  Forgiveness, the conscious decision to stop feeding the hurts of the past, frees up vital energy and allows even greater growth and movement.

Those who reach this level operate like the Hermit in the tarot deck, serving to uplift humanity’s consciousness and light the way for others to see and/or follow.  They march to the rhythm of their own drummer.

The Hermit

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