What’s Different at the Top?

In addition to being able to rise above the polarities, the person at the top of the pyramid welcomes new attitudes and beliefs.  There is great power here–the power to be and do.  This is different from the “power over” other people and/or situations found at the middle level of the pyramid.  Gone is the need and desire to “control;”  folks who operate from this point of attraction can command and co-create, expecting cooperation instead of resistance and obstacles to overcome.

People at the Love level have a healthy humility.  They are aware that we live in an abundant universe and when they align with beliefs, truths, powers, and laws that are greater than any one individual, manifestations come more easily and more frequently.  There is an acceptance and a gratitude for what is that sparks desires for expansion.  These folks joyfully wake up every morning wondering what they’re going to do and/or create in the day ahead.

The top of the pyramid comes with an enthusiasm  for life and its adventures.  In addition to the Hermit, the kings and the aces in the tarot deck give evidence of the ripple effect that comes from operating on this level; the kings represent mastery in each of the four suits portrayed in the deck while the aces speak of the triumph in each of those same areas.

You will find more information on the Pyramid of Progress in Tarot for All Time, an intuitive guide, available at tarotforalltime.com




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