What Kind of Fool Am I?

 The Fool

The Fool in the tarot deck became the Joker in the modern playing deck, the only one of the Major Arcana to survive the transition.  He represents both male and female seekers and bears a zero (0) where the other trumps and minor arcana  have Roman numerals.  In our number system, the zero is a place-holder, an empty set.  In the tarot, it is both everything and nothing, the womb of creation and the starting point of life.  The zero hints at the other paradoxes in this card.

This fool is about to step off the cliff; he’s not looking where he’s going, his gaze is fixed on something higher, and he is traveling light. The small bundle tied to the pole may be the sum of his worldly possessions, and he is carrying a rose.  The little dog jumping playfully at his heels may or may not be able to continue along with him.

This fool,  however, is a member of the royal household and has lived by his wits.  He is sensitive to the subtleties of thought, feeling, and action and has served as an enlightened advisor to the king or queen as well as providing diversion and entertainment for the members of the court.  He is about to take a leap of faith.  If this card appears in your reading, it encourages you to follow your dream, even in the face of what the outside world may consider foolish.

Once the Fool takes that initial step off the cliff, the sleeves of  his garment turn into wings, and he flies.  The entire universe is waiting for the Fool to commit himself to that journey, and then, and only then, will his action be supported.  Whatever your next step may be, this card tells you to go for it.

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