All Threes Relate Back to the Empress

All Threes Relate back to the Empress Three is a prime number, divisible only by itself and the number one (1).  All the cards pictured above carry the numerical vibration of the three, even the knights who do not have Roman numerals on their cards.  We have already explored the significance of three or more of the same suit,and/or number appearing in a full Celtic Cross reading, and it may be helpful to use the “threeness” of these cards to unlock their individual meanings.

“Expression” is the essence of all the threes.  Just as a child represents the union between two parents and a synthesis comes about as a result of a thesis meeting its antithesis, each of the threes speaks of the first level of completion in the ongoing process of life.  The Empress represents unlimited creativity, variety, and innovation.  She is inspired to put elements together in new ways, and she operates in a free manner, using a light touch.  She is associated with active female energy and loves to create, without a heavy-duty commitment to stop and nurture those creations, so there is an atmosphere of the temporary, in the moment, what’s possible, for “right now,” appreciation of the environment.  All is subject to change.

All the threes answer the question, “Where, when, and how are you going to invest your energies at this time?”  Choose the expression that works best for you; you always have several from which to pick.

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