The Court Cards

The pages, knights, queens, and kings of the four tarot suits are known as the Court Cards.  They appear in readings to indicate the progress level of the seeker’s journey.  They do not represent other people and are not tied to age, gender, or physical characteristics.  The status indicated by the card speaks to where the seeker finds him/herself in relationship to the pursuit of the ideal in each of the four areas associated with the four suits.  The Court Cards are almost “report cards” designed to give the seeker feedback as to how the journey is progressing, reminding the seeker of his/her strengths and cautioning against some of the pitfalls associated with the journey.

The pages reflect the beginning stages of a new relationship with feelings, emotions, and psychic abilities (cups), values, priorities, and dedicated efforts (pentacles), overcoming conflict (swords), and applying one’s skills and talents (wands).  They reflect a dedication, a choice of movement toward a goal, and the beginning steps toward achieving it.

The knights show the way the seeker expresses his/her attitude through action during the journey.  They stand for the manner and extent to which the seeker feels responsible (able to respond) for the issue at hand.  They address the concerns the seeker holds and range all the way from overly-cautious (cups), participating but not owned by the situation (pentacles), through scattering one’s energies (swords), to concerned about having enough strength to make it to the end (wands).

The queens represent the inherent challenges that lead to hesitation and doubt in each journey but which must be overcome to achieve mastery, repressed emotions (cups), inertia (pentacles), metamorphosis (swords), and self-image (wands).  The queens represent that final intake of breath just before the full-blown manifestation occurs.

The kings are the final steps in the journey, job-well-done, top of the game, and “you’re the best.”  Those at the top are frequently envied and serve to inspire others to succeed, but any negativity they engender originates in those who are jealous.  There is a noticeable lack of ego-involvement at the level of the kings as they represent emotional balance and maturity(cups), being in the world but not of it (pentacles), surmounting any and all conflict(swords), and being the best at what they do (wands).

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