The Pages (Part I)

Page of CupsPage of Pentacles

In the Medieval court, the pages were messengers, delivering the regent’s summons and conveying the ruler’s intent.  In the tarot deck, the pages perform similar duties, informing the seeker of a particular path to be followed that is in line with the actions and wishes expressed by the ruler of each suit.

The page of cups shows up in a reading to inform the seeker that  (s)he has entered into a new relationship where feelings, emotions, and psychic abilities are involved.  This may represent an involvement with another individual, group of people, or with parts of the seeker’s own consciousness that are about to be explored with a new level of commitment and intent.  Notice that the central figure is grounded, balanced, and accepting of the fish emerging from the cup.  The cup is light enough to be lifted with one hand, and the water in the background is gentle and calm, hinting at a  peaceful and easy journey.

The page of pentacles lets the seeker know that (s)he has arrived at a place where a higher perspective is possible and has chosen to dedicate him/herself to a journey that allows a particular quality, value, priority, and/or ethic to brightly lead the way and guide the seeker along its path.  This pentacle is held gently and reverently.  The commitment here is to keep this value is sight and make sure that all actions, feelings, and thoughts are consistent with it.

The pages bear the master number eleven (11), the double value of the one (1).  This is different than the 1 + 1 = 2.  The pages represent a higher vibration and value than the 2’s.  The master numbers challenge us to live up to their higher vibration and not default into the more mundane vibration of the sum of their digits.  In other words, the pages represent contexts and/or relationships with something/someone  that already embodies relationships.  The pages tell you that you are on your way to a new level of involvement.


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