The Pages Part 2

Page of Swords Page of Wands


The page of swords has chosen a lofty and windy place to take a stand. (S)he has made a commitment to face the wind and follow a particular path of action, and it is no accident that the choice to hold this position, even in the face of all conflicts, has encountered its first challenge.  It is almost as if the universe is asking, “Are you sure?”

Of course, there is always a choice to continue the quest or abandon it.  The seeker who receives this card has decided to claim another part of his/her self-definition, and the “price tag” for doing this is being brought into focus.  In  order to be and do what the seeker has chosen,  (s)he must face the inherent challenges in becoming THAT person.  The conflicts and inconsistencies, whether tiny or great, are just something(s) that must be endured.  Figuring out what you don’t want is useful to fine-tuning what you do want.

The page of wands is pictured in a sparse environment where not much is growing and is shown dedicating his/her skills, talents, and managerial abilities to making something thrive and flourish.  This is the moment of initial investment in the project; there is much work ahead.  The seeker who draws this card has decided that (s)he can make a difference and has decided to participate in the effort.

Here is a chance for the seeker to test his/her abilities.  There is a metaphysical truth that anything that is exercised will grow, so this is also an opportunity to expand one’s skills and talents.  The page appears to be sizing up the situation having taken hold of his/her possible contributions to the project.  As with the other pages in the deck, this one bears the message, “You’re on your way.”




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