The Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

The knight of cups continues the journey begun by the page of cups and represents a kind of “mid-term assessment.”  No matter what the issue is that prompted the reading, the focus of this card is the attitude the seeker carries at this time.  If this card shows up in your reading, it means that you are proceeding slowly and carefully on the designated course.  The cup is held in perfect balance, so that the contents will not spill.  However, the pace of this journey is excessively restrained.  The cup bearer does not wish to make any mistakes, take any risks, or let down his/her guard for a single second,  Taking things this seriously puts undue stress on the situation and its participants.

It’s almost as if the Inner Adolescent (who lives within us all) is challenging this knight.  “C’mon, let’s get moving; let’s have some fun; let’s take a chance; this is an adventure, not a funeral.”  When the knight responds (sometimes through gritted teeth). “I don’t want to make a mistake,” the adolescent asks, “Wait a minute; didn’t you agree to be human in this lifetime?”  The knight does a double-take, “What does that have to do with this?”  Oh, my friends, that’s one of the definitions of being human, being willing to make mistakes and learn from them.  The most successful achievers are those who have also made the most mistakes.

If whatever is in the cup does spill a bit, resource is always at hand.  You can always stop by the stream and refill it, but this degree of caution does not serve anyone’s best interests.  It’s time to lighten up and enjoy the ride.

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