The Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords


The Knight of Swords is riding full tilt into battle.  Unfortunately, his response to the alleged conflict is not an effective one. This is a completely overt and one-dimensional action that may be the knight’s default behavior.  He is doing what he perceives to be his job, but he is overreacting and will soon find himself (and his steed) drained and exhausted.  If this card appears in your reading, it means you are scattering your energies, acting in haste, and mistakenly believing that the burden of protection is yours alone.

There is another caution in this card as well: metaphysics claims that what you resist will persist.  If you are ready to go to battle at the drop of a hat, the universe will be happy to supply you with opponents so that you can continue to be who you think you are.  By investing your energy into fighting, you are actually antagonizing the challenges you face. This is an “act first, think later” position.

The advice of the card is to slow down, center yourself, assess the situation, and plan some strategy if the threat is real and action is required.  Pick your battles; don’t let the situation trap you.  Take a breath; count to ten; yell, “Wait a minute!.” This card frequently appears when the seeker has requested insight into what to do about something.



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