The Queens

Queen of CupsQueen of PentaclesQueen of SwordsQueen of Wands

The Queens of the four suits bear the number 13 although no Roman numeral appears on them.  This 13 reduces to a 4 (1+3=4), combining the (1) of action (or lack thereof)  with the (3) of expression resulting in the foundation (4) or basis for what’s going on at the time of the reading in light of the issue for which insight is sought.  In other words, if a queen shows up in your reading, you are being given information about your attitude toward the quest and/or journey on which you have embarked and which is nearing completion.

Also, because the queens carry the vibration of the 4, they relate back to the Emperor, the symbol of the wise ruler.  None of the queens act in haste; in fact, they are often seen as a moment of hesitation, consideration, and reflection, a gathering of power.  If the court cards are really report cards, then the queens represent preparing for the final exams, the chance to examine your grasp of the the material and bring it all together for the grand finale.  Some people see the energy embodied in a queen  as the large intake of breath just before the final push to give birth or the momentary drawing back of a bow and taking aim before an arrow is released.  This is the moment to erase all doubt.

Remember that the court cards can and do apply equally to all genders, ages, and physical descriptions.  They represent phases or stages of a quest or journey toward an ideal.  Like all the other tarot cards, the queens contain the encouragement to continue the journey.

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