The Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups holds the only covered cup in the deck.  It is massive and ornate, and she holds it by its base; it requires both her hands to support and balance it.  Her gaze is intensely focused  on this cup as she sits at the water’s edge, and her throne is so close to the shoreline that she cannot move up and away from it without getting wet.  No wonder she is so focused and engaged; this cup contains all the repressed feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities she has accumulated on her journey thus far, and she can do nothing else until she deals with it and them.

Her first step has got to be to find a safe and steady place to rest this cup; it looks heavy.  Then it is time to lift the lid.  The challenge here is to find a way to acknowledge the so-called “negative” feelings of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred, grief, etc. without empowering and/or acting on them.  Keeping them hidden and contained is not an effective strategy for living one’s life, nor is denying their existence.  One can only heal what one is willing to feel.  Several safe and effective methods for handling situations like this are available, all the way from psychotherapy to hugging trees and allowing  the tree to receive the repressed emotions and turn them into the fertilizer for which they were intended.

If the queen of cups comes up in your reading, it’s time to put aside the hesitation and fear of what might happen if you lift the lid and let out any of the cup’s contents.  Life can only flow easily if you minimize and/or remove the blockages.  This card appears to let you know you are somewhat out of touch with your emotional and psychic bodies and are harboring some repressed emotions that are hindering the full expression and manifestation of your mastery.  Uncover the cup; rinse it out with the the vast resource(s) available to you.  The quest or journey is nearing completion.


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