The Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

The queen of swords sits in profile on a throne located on a mountaintop high above the clouds.  Her throne has armrests, and she holds her sword steadily in her right hand, balancing it on the support available from the throne.  Her left hand is raised and slightly extended in front of her as if she were welcoming, greeting, and/or acknowledging whomever or whatever approaches.  Her gaze is fixed straight ahead.  The symbols  that decorate her throne are the keys to the meaning of this card.

The butterfly represents metamorphosis, and the angel pictured implies the purity and perspective to rise above any and all conflicts.  This is the reassurance that anyone who finds this card in his/her reading is being given.  When this card shows up, it signals that the process of changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly is in progress.  This queen is experiencing crazy-making changes that challenge the very core of her existence.

If this card is in your reading, you may be unsure of who you are, what’s happening, where you’re going, and why. There may even be a perception that you are operating in the dark. The complexities of life may feel overwhelming.  The promise is that the sun will come out, the cocoon will open, and you will emerge as a butterfly/angel.  Surrender to the process and know that it is almost complete.

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