The Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

The queen of wands, sometimes known as the Sunflower Queen, sits comfortably on her throne that is decorated with figures of lions (Leo, fire, management) and rests her wand on the base of her throne, holding it steady in her right hand.  Her left hand holds the stem of a sunflower, and both she and the sunflower appear to be facing something or someone located in front of and slightly to the left of her.  A black cat sits on the ground in front of the throne, also facing outward.

There are two major hints as to the particular kind of hesitation that is manifested in this card.  Sunflowers are heliotropic, always facing the sun-source, and then there is the issue of that cat.  If this card appears in your reading, you are experiencing self-doubt as to the strength, quality, effectiveness, and/or appropriateness of your skills and talents in the environment of the question on which the reading is focused.  You are not sure how well or how brightly you “shine,” so the flower doesn’t face you.  You have given your power away to others and are worried about your “image,” how other people see you and/or judge you.  The cat is your fail-safe insurance policy, your argument for your limitations, the sum of your fears of success and/or failure.

Anyone  who wishes to interact with you must get past the cat, and the cat precedes you as an embodiment of your perceived weakness, flaw, devaluation, or doubt.  “I’m not sure I can help,”  “I’m not familiar with this kind if situation,” “I have a really bad headache,” or even “I’ll try, BUT I lose my temper so easily” are all opening statements that allow you to say, “Well, I warned you at the start . . . ” or “I told you so,” when and if the effort does not succeed.

The advice of the card is to confront the cat, thank it for helping to keep you safe, and send it on its way.  You no longer need the cat to block your way or to keep you from fully interacting with others, using your skills, talents, and managerial abilities.  You are good enough, strong enough, and talented enough.  You are royalty; the time for hesitation has expired.

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