The Kings

King of Cups King of Pentacles King of Swords King of Wands

The tarot kings represent mastery in each of the four suits shown in the Minor Arcana of the deck.  Like the other court cards, they may apply to both genders because they are the final stages in the journey begun by the pages.  Here are the ones at the top who have “made it”  through the challenges and temptations and have fulfilled the quest(s).  All four are powerful examples of rulers/leaders who have attained the power TO . . . (vs. the power OVER . . . ).

The kings carry the vibration of the 14, which reduces to a five (1+4=5) even though no Roman numeral appears on the card,  This means that each leads, controls, and directs (1_ from a solid, steady, and safe foundation (4) and manifests in a fluid and flexible manner, choosing whatever (s)he thinks is best and most appropriate.  If a king shows up in your reading, you have achieved a major goal and are acknowledged as a leader in the area depicted by the suit.

If, by any chance, you find yourself the target of someone else’s jealousy and resentment, please know that there will always be detractors who attempt to throw mud on those who shine in order to minimize the contrast between themselves and others.  This negativity does NOT come from you; This is not any kind of an ego trip for you.  You are at the top because you are really good at what you do, and you can basically ignore any and all who would minimize this.

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