The King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

The king of pentacles sits on a throne decorated with the head of a bull (Taurus/fixed earth) on either side of the back rest and at its base. He is surrounded by lush vegetation, more evidence of his connection to the element of earth, and he holds the scepter of power in his right hand while his left hand balances the pentacle, the symbol of his realm/suit, on his left knee.  His gaze seems fixed on the earth in font of him.

This king is the epitome of integrity.  He is in touch with his values and priorities and never loses sight of the practical side of their implementation and manifestation.  If this king appears in your reading, you have mastered the challenge of being in the world but not “of it.”  You have risen above the limitations of the simple, safe, sure, practical way of leading your life and resolving the issues it produces.  Others look to you as a competent  leader/manager who is able to set priorities and  follow the path of the greatest good without ever compromising his/her values and integrity.  You have an abundance of resources at your command, and others may consider you wealthy.

As with the other kings, you may have a few detractors who are jealous and resentful.  Because you are so good and powerful, you may also have to firmly rid yourself of the parasites and victims who wish to use you as their rescuer, but you can handle all of this with grace and dignity.  The numbers who admire and support you vastly outweigh the small number of negative thinkers; your high vibration attracts those who are willing to conduct interactions with the “coin of the realm,” integrity.

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