The Tarot Tens

Ten of Cups   Ten of Pentacles   Ten of Swords   Ten of Wands

The tens in the tarot deck are related to the Magician (1), the Wheel of Fortune (10), and to the Sun (19).  Following the rules of numerology, all of these reduce to a one (1) when their digits are added together, so they all embody the concepts of beginning, action, leading, controlling, and directing.  Since the first digit one (1) is followed by the zero (0) in these four cards, the focus is on the potential for action.  The zero (0) is unlimited and presents a myriad of possibilities that might influence the action, so the one-word key to the tens is “discernment.”

Each of these tens is asking the seeker to use his/her discernment to determine the best, brightest, and most beneficial and appropriate action(s) in the matter at hand.  Ten is also the first of the two-digit numerals, so it carries the vibration of a new beginning, based on lessons learned from the past.  If one of these cards appears in your reading, it is asking you to take just a moment to reflect on what path you have followed up to this point, what you’ve done so far before you continue on.

Your choice will fall into the category of the suit in which the ten appears.  The cups deal with feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities (water). The pentacles address values, priorities, resources, and work (earth).  The swords speak to overcoming conflict, communication, words, and ideas (air).  The wands comment on your skills. talents, and the energy you summon and direct(fire).  All of them urge you to use your discernment.

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