The Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

The ten of cups shows a happy family celebrating/acknowledging their comfortable status as the parents stand on an even surface with their arms stretched outward and upward while the children play next to them, all under a rainbow arch of ten cups.  This is a picture of a bright and happy family.  There is physical contact between the parents (he has his arm around her waist), and the children hold hands as they skip in a circle.  All four people are well-clothed, and the house and property seen in the background reflect a solid health and prosperity.

If this card appears in your reading, you have reason to celebrate; you have done well. Before you take the next step in your journey, before you continue to enjoy your comfortable life, you are being asked to use some discernment as to whom you choose to share with.  Whom do you treat as “family”?  To whom will you give of your resources, your time, your energy, your attention?  With whom will you be open, honest, and intimate?  You are being asked to set some limits and to learn how to say no.

This card represents the beginning of a new level of feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities.  Others will see you and want to join you or want you to join them.  At the lowest level of consciousness, others may want to use you.  There is no need for anxiety.  It’s simply time for you to fine-tune your discernment and figure out what’s yours and what’s not and what you plan to do about it.  Remember that caring is not carrying.

A friend who grew up among debutantes in a wealthy community was frequently asked for donations of time and/or money and learned at an early age to say,”I really can’t help you with that, and I’m sure you understand.”  I have also found that the phrase, “That isn’t what I want to do right now” can be a gentle yet firm way to say no.  It leaves room for you to change your mind should you choose to do so

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