The Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles depicts three generations of humans and two dogs (representatives of the animal kingdom).  The setting appears to be the entrance to a courtyard. Like the other tens, this card is asking the seeker to use some discernment in choosing the most beneficial perspective before taking the next step in whatever matter the reading has addressed.  The card presents four distinct choices as to what information is considered valuable by the seeker; what will (s)he choose to do next?  It all depends on how the seeker sees him/herself, whose viewpoint the seeker identifies as closest to his/her own.

“Who are you in this situation?” and “How responsible (able to respond)  are you willing to be?” are  good questions to answer when this card appears in a reading.  Are you like the young child, hiding behind his mother’s skirt, not a full participant in the matter at hand, content to observe and witness?  Are you like the young male adult, only seeing the concrete physical reality before him, valuing the safe, the sure, the practical, and the predictable information they provide?  Do you identify with the young woman who must consider the welfare of the youngster holding onto her skirt as well as her own welfare in any decision?  Do you, like her, perceive more to the situation, including the old man, the floating pentacles, and the dogs?  Are you more like the old man who is firmly seated as an observer of the situation while he maintains a connection (and possibly a responsibility) with the animal kingdom as well?

There are no right or wrong answers here; there is the need to be aware of just what you see and/or consider to be part of the environment and where your responsibilities lie before you move on.  Some discernment is necessary to decide just how important your next step could be before you take it.  What’s your perspective?

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