The Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

The ten of swords presents a rather grim picture of a person lying face-down on the  ground with ten swords protruding all along his spine.  He appears comfortably dressed and the background shows the dawning of a new day.  The most significant aspect of this card is in the position of his right hand; he walked into this situation to bring it a blessing. Unfortunately, he forgot to check and make sure that the situation needed and wanted the blessing he was about to bestow

The swords are psychological; the red color in the card is his cape, not blood, and the swords will evaporate.  Just as with the other tens, if this card appears in your reading, it is asking you to use some discernment.  Before you give–of your time, your advice, your money, your participation, your opinion, etc., make sure it will be received in the spirit with which it is offered.  Don’t just throw it away; don’t “cast pearls before swine,’ not because swine are lowly, dirty animals, but because swine can’t use pearls.

If, for any reason, you sense that what you are about to give will NOT be viewed/accepted in the spirit with which it is offered, you are encouraged to “pick up your toys and go play somewhere else.”  Here’s where the discernment kicks in.  There is no judgment (name-calling) here, only a wise assessment of the situation to keep you from getting “knifed” in the back.

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