The Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands

The ten of wands shows an individual attempting to make forward progress with his arms wrapped around all ten of his upright (active) skills and talents (wands), which he is holding before him, blocking his view.  His gaze is fixed on the point where the wands intersect, and his head and back are bowed with the burden he carries.  If he “runs into” anyone, it is the wands that will make the first contact.  This is significant.  Some people have asked if he is hiding behind the wands.

There is no question that if this card appears in your reading, you have an abundance of skills and talents; there are many things that you can do, and you do them all well.  Because this is a ten. you are being asked to use some discernment.  You must pick and choose one or possibly two of these wands to carry vertically in front of you, and you must bundle the rest and keep them in reserve, perhaps tucked horizontally under your arm or resting on your shoulder where you still have easy access to them.

Trying to present, use, and/or advertise all these wands at the same time does not serve you; it impedes your progress, and it tends to create a distance between you and other people. Others may be intimidated by so much talent.  If you are able to establish a relationship based on the one or two wands you choose to present up front, you will surely find a way to incorporate some or all of the rest of your skills and talents when the opportunity arrives.

This card also asks you to evaluate your perspective/behavior; do you base your forward progress on “all or nothing” criteria?  Do you go “all in” at the slightest provocation?  The wisdom that is at the basis of discernment suggests a more conservative approach.  You are more than the sum of what you can do.

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