The Hermit and the Moon

The Hermit     The Moon

Both the Hermit and the Moon are Major Arcana cards and both carry the vibration of the nine (18=1+8=9), which stands for wisdom and higher understanding.  The Light in the Hermit card is carried by the seeker while the Light in the Moon card comes from the celestial realm and speaks of cycles of time and experience.  Notice the droplets of light, which emanate from the moon, allowing blessings to fall on all the creatures below who represent stages of evolutionary growth and progress.  These cards are above and beyond any particular suit, so they apply to all areas of life, the soul’s progress, the bigger picture, and they appear in readings for both sexes and all ages.

If the Hermit appears in your reading, it means you have chosen the path of enlightenment and have reached the top of the mountain, carrying the light to guide your own way and allowing others to follow the light if they so choose.  This is service to humanity at its highest, delivered for the greater good, and without ego involvement.  Your journey has taken some time and involved an investment of effort in the potentially arduous climb to reach the heights.  You have made it-Congratulations!  The only drawback is the isolation that you often feel because you work alone and “march to a different drummer.”

If the Moon appears in your reading, it means the issue at hand, the focus of the reading, is a familiar one that you have encountered before; it has been evolving as have you, but your reaction is usually one of dismay.  “Oh no!  What is this doing back in my life again?  I thought I already took care of this.”  This card says that what you are dealing with is indeed familiar, but this encounter comes at a time when you are far better able to understand and take care of it, perhaps finally put it to rest for good.  The blessings of the passage of time have aided and enhanced your wisdom and understanding of the situation, so it is a time to celebrate instead of beating up on yourself for not having handled it better/completely/earlier.

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