The Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

The nine of cups shows a well-dressed young man seated in front of a display of nine cups arranged in an arc on a shelf in back of him above his head. He is sitting with his arms crossed in front of his body, blocking his heart, and he appears very smug and/or self-satisfied. He has reason to celebrate; the cups are his accumulated feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities. He has a full load.

If the nine of cups comes up in your reading, you are to be congratulated as well. You have amassed a veritable wealth of all the qualities associated with the suit of cups. However, both the accumulation/receiving/hoarding phase as well as the self-congratulations are over, and it’s time to stop sitting around. Get up on your feet, take one or more of these cups down off the shelf and activate it/them, engage it/them, and put what has been collected/experienced/mastered to use.

You are being encouraged to give more of yourself because you have so much to give. It’s time to share more of who you really are. It’s time to expand your boundaries to the next level.

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