The Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

The nine of pentacles shows a woman of considerable means standing beside a garden wall, which is composed of two sections of pentacles-one containing three (expression) and another group of six (healing , service, and responsibility).  Her right hand is in touch with the group of six pentacles while her gloved left hand holds a hooded falcon.  Her gaze is directed toward the falcon while a tiny snail is on the ground near her feet.

If the nine of pentacles comes up in your reading, it means you have attained a certain level of growth and prestige that has put you in a position of power, influence, and responsibility.  You have domain over both the plant and animal kingdom, and so you have an obligation to fulfill that responsibility wisely and compassionately, even down to the tiniest of creatures.  This is an expectation that others have of you because of the position that you hold,

Even if you would like nothing better than to get “down and dirty,” you cannot do that  because of the role you play in the situation at hand.  You cannot afford to take off the hood and let the falcon fly, hunting and killing any lesser creature in its space; you must exercise some restraint and control.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you find a time and place where you are free to express yourself in whatever manner you choose without the burden of anyone else’s expectations.  You need to put yourself (on some sort of a regular basis) in environment(s) that renew and support you and allow the full flow and expression of all that you are.  Only then can you continue to limit your expression to the somewhat narrower role that you play.  The fullness of the nine (9) allows for the combination of the six (6) and the three(3).


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