The Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords

The nine of swords is sometimes called the “Nightmare Card” because it depicts an individual unable to sleep due to the conflicts that are in the air. His/her mind is full to bursting.  It is small comfort that those conflicts are passive rather than active as shown by the horizontal position of all the swords.  This is also called the “Worry Card” because there is no possible release or resolution of the problem(s) available at this time, a condition that only exacerbates the anxiety level experienced.

If the nine of swords appears in your reading, it means that there is something bothering you that needs more time to resolve; now is NOT the time to address it.  The advice of the card is to let it go temporarily and get some rest.  The situation can and will be resolved in the clear light of day, and you will be better served if your faculties are sharp and your stamina intact.

If it is possible, gather all the elements related to this situation, bundle them, and put them on the agenda for the near future, perhaps saving a space on tomorrow’s “to do” list.  The wisdom and guidance of the “not now’ nature held in this card makes the nine of swords another one of the tarot timing cards.

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