The Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

The nine of wands shows a person looking askance, with both hands holding onto the wand planted in front of him.  He is standing in front of the rest of his skills and talents, which are lined up behind him, and he appears to have sustained some wounds either in the procurement and/or the defense of these wands.  Some of the wands are taller than others, and it appears that the tallest wand is the one he has selected.

If the nine of wands comes up in your reading, you are to be congratulated for having mastered so many skills and talents, and for having made some sacrifices in order to reach the point where you find yourself in relation to the question at hand.  Please be aware that you have chosen one particular skill and/or talent to lean on in this situation to the exclusion of some others that you possess, and that decision has temporarily left you defensive and vulnerable.  This is known as “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

You would be better served by not turning your back on what you may consider one or more of your “lesser” abilities and, instead, creating an “inclusive” environment rather than an “exclusive” one.  The fullness and richness of your resources for dealing with the question posed in the reading is such that there is no need for a “default-behavior.”  You are well up to the task and will succeed with a small change in the approach and/or the tool(s) you use.

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