The Tarot Fives

The Hierophant TemperanceKing of CupsKing of PentaclesKing of SwordsKing of Wands Five of Cups  Five of Pentacles Five of Swords Five of Wands

All the fives in the tarot deck relate back to the Hierophant. These include the Temperance card (14=1+4=5), the kings of each suit, and the fives of each suit.  The nature of the five is Freedom and  Choosing, actions based on a solid, safe foundation, and choices made and expressed.

The Hierophant, High Priest, or Pope was the intermediary between the realms of the sacred (also secret) and profane/mundane.  His job was to advise and connect the people he served with the highest and best guidance available, which he did by interpreting the powerful information supplied by his intuition.  His words were intended to serve as a blessing on the ears of all who heard and followed his advice.

If the Hierophant or any of the other fives appear in your reading, it is a signal that you are free to choose your next step(s) based on your intuition, and you should trust that intution implicitly.  The only caution that exists for the Hierophant arises from a tendency to tell too much in an effort to be of assistance and help. The advice to “guard your words” is a valid interpretation of the Hierophant.  In modern lingo, TMI, too much information, is the pitfall for those who possess this gift.


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