The Temperance card holds the five vibration because it is a 14 (14=1+4=5). This is a powerful card of Inner Knowing or Intuition. It depicts an angel, perfectly balanced with one foot on land and one foot on the water.  (S)he is holding a large cup in each hand as (s)he pours the liquid contents from one cup to the other.  A new day is beginning with the sun rising in the east , and the place where the water meets the land is marked by the presence of flowering irises.

The word “temperance” here does not refer to caution or even to abstinence from alcohol but rather to the process by which steel is made, tempered steel.  Iron for its strength and tin for its flexibility are combined with carbon and put through extremely hot temperatures to melt, meld, and mold them into a new metal that is both strong and flexible.

If Temperance appears in your reading, it means that your Higher Self has, indeed, put you through some very hot fires in order to make you both strong and flexible.  That part of the process is now finished, and you have some options open as to how you mold and utilize those qualities. The most important part of this card’s message, however, is found in the irises; Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, the sign of the Covenant between God and Noah that the world (humanity) would never be destroyed again.  The worst is behind you; it’s over; you’ve made it through, and it will never be THAT bad again.

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