The Five of Cups

Five of Cups

The five of cups shows a figure wearing a black cloak standing on a riverbank with his/her head bent in sorrow.  On the ground to the left of the central figure are three cups whose contents have been spilled; two contained wine, and one held water.  Standing upright on the ground in back of the person are two more cups whose contents are unknown.  There is a bridge over the river and a castle on the opposite shore.

If the five of cups shows up in your reading. you are experiencing the emptiness that accompanies knowing that something or someone is missing from your life.  This can be anything from mild nostalgia to heart-wrenching grief.  It is important to remember that nature abhors a vacuum, but some caution should be employed to resist the urge to plug the hole with whatever is handy in order to assuage that empty feeling.

Be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself time to heal.  Know that resource(s) are always at hand. the cups can be refilled, and all is not lost.  When you are ready, a stop by the river or a short trip over the bridge to the castle may be in order.  You are free to choose your path.


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