The Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles is sometimes known as the “misery loves company” card.  It shows a down-and-out couple walking barefoot in the snow.  He is on crutches and has a bandage on his head, and she is dressed in rags that provide little protection from the elements.  Ironically, they are passing by a building (perhaps a church) with a stained glass window that radiates warmth and comfort within.

If the five of pentacles appears in your reading, its advice is a rich double-meaning, “Don’t go without; go within.”  All the tarot fives ask us to be aware of what we are choosing, and they highlight the self-concept we convey to others.  They also emphasize that resource(s) is/are always at hand.  This card discourages letting external circumstances determine one’s self-definition and course of action, and it encourages choosing that which is truly valuable and important.

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