The Devil

The Devil

The Devil bears the number 15, which reduces to a 6 (15=1+5=6), so it relates back to the Lovers and, thus, becomes a card of service and healing.  As in the Lovers, the couple in the foreground are not physically linked to each other; they are both chained to the base of the devil’s throne, and they have grown horns and tails as they continue to allow the devil to imprison them.

Look carefully; the chains around their necks are not very tight.  They can easily lift them off and be free.  Even the devil seems to be motivating a change by setting fire to the man’s tail!  If this card appears in your reading, it can be manifesting in a small or large way.  It means that you have temporarily given away your power to something outside yourself that is delaying or preventing your taking positive action.  This is often an unconscious choice, so this card appears to let you know what you are really doing.

It can be something as simple as one of your rationalizations for “why not” (“I won’t go shopping because it’s raining)   all the way up to  a major decision like taking or not taking a job that has been offered.  The message of the card is clear, “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.”  Do not allow the negativity, fear of making a mistake, fear of making a decision, fear of taking action, fear of success/failure to lull you into doing nothing.  Figure out what YOU want and go for it.

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