The Six of Cups

Six of Cups

The six of cups shows two figures in front of a multi-level dwelling whose entrance way is marked by a large cup filled with flowers.  There are four more such cups lined up in a row in the foreground of the picture, and the taller male figure is offering the sixth cup to the smaller female figure.  The left hand border of the picture is in black and white rather than in color and shows a figure with a spear heading back along the path into the dwelling; his back is to the main characters.

As a card of service and healing, the six of cups shows “flowering” relationships, and a gift of love is being offered.  The couple in the foreground look like children, so this is a message of potentials.  The retreating spearholder in black and white represents the guardians of the status quo where the judgments, rules, and laws of society hold sway, so this relationship may lie outside the black and white limits of that particular reality.  Notice also that the smaller figure is wearing gloves (a level of protection).

If the six of cups comes up in your reading, it means you identify with one of the two main people pictured.  Both males and females can be either character.  You are either offering friendship, love, acceptance, support and compassion in a budding relationship, or you are reluctant to accept such an offer from another individual.  This may be in a non-traditional context.  If you identify with the smaller figure, you may be hesitant  to accept what is being offered because you feel/believe you are unworthy and/or not deserving of this gift.

The message of the card is to recognize that love is being offered, and it’s time to take off the gloves and accept this gift.  It’s time to move beyond any doubts of self-worth or deservability and to stop letting what anyone else thinks of this relationship stand in your way.  Loving and allowing yourself to be loved are healing and serve humanity’s highest goals.

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