The Tarot Sevens

The Chariot   The Tower   Seven of Cups   Seven of Pentacles   Seven of Swords   Seven of Wands


The tarot sevens all relate back to the Chariot and contain the energy of the numeral seven that stands for solitude, secret, sacred, and resting. Seven seeks solutions, and each of the tarot sevens paints a picture of a situation where a decision must be made, a plan formulated, and it urges the seeker to be fully present in the moment before taking the next step.

The Chariot shows the reality where what has worked in the past no longer serves the present.  If the Chariot shows up in your reading, it means it is time to abandon the vehicle that has served you well until now and move in a different direction.  “Give it a rest” is a popular piece of advice that means “stop doing what you’ve been  doing because it isn’t working.”  Your continued use of an old method will only create more frustration and resentment and will impede forward progress.  Recognize that the old vehicle has indeed brought you successfully to this point, and be grateful for the service it has provided.

All of the sevens speak to making up your mind and considering the choices before you.  Often, one of these cards addresses your “mind set,” the perspective from which you are viewing and interacting with reality.  Knowing that it’s time for a change does not make you “wrong;”  awareness is always the first step in any change that results in growth and progress.


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