The Tower

The Tower

The Tower bears the number 16 (XVI), which reduces to a 7 and, therefore, relates back to the Chariot.  Although this card depicts upheaval, destruction, lightning, fire, and people abandoning the structure they have built (meant to be a “crowning” achievement), there are many blessings (the small yellow falling embers) that come along with this.  The two falling figures will land on their feet and have a chance to build again with new materials, new insights, and in a different location/direction.

If the Tower appears in your reading, it means the lightning has struck, the “light bulb” has been turned on, and you can finally see the need to abandon, erase, wipe out the structure you have been building (even with the best of intentions), and start over.  That structure may be a belief, a direction, a relationship, a job, a project, a reputation, funding, a support group, or a cause that you have been devoted to, or any other attachment/philosophy/goal you have been feeding/building but which you must suddenly abandon because a flash of insight has illuminated the need for its demise.  In other words, it no longer serves your best and highest good.

Once again, the tarot urges you to keep only the wisdom you have garnered from this experience as you start over in a new direction or with a new goal and/or desired outcome. You will be better prepared to face the future having had this experience.



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