The Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

The seven of cups is often called the “wish” card because it shows an individual faced with a clouded picture of possibilities from which (s)he must choose.  Everything is available; each of the seven cups holds a potential goal or path of pursuit, riches, wisdom, victory, status, power, knowledge, and illumination of the occult.  If this card shows up in your reading, you have earned the right to have whatever you want.  Now, you must decide what that is.

Remember that the number 7 is associated with luck, and luck is defined as preparedness meeting opportunity. No single choice is better than any other pictured, but there is a tendency to go into “overwhelm” and let the opportunity slip away because you are not sure just what you want and are concerned about making a mistake.  Actually, the only mistake you can make is to do nothing.  It is far better to choose one or two of the offerings knowing that you have the right to change your mind; your choice is not written in stone, and you may discover a change of plans is in order as the future becomes clearer.

As with the other sevens, you are being asked to focus in a new clearer direction.  What is  your passion?  What makes you happy?  From what context or environment do you wish to proceed?  Become pro-active rather than reactive.


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