The Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

The seven of wands shows a young man who has positioned himself on top of a hill where he takes a stand armed with a wand against six other wands below him.  We don’t see who is bearing the other six wands or if they are planted in the earth below him; only the tops of those wands are shown.  The central figure has dressed in a hurry, and he wears one boot and one shoe.  His wide stance is meant to give him stability and he is prepared for any possible attack that may come from the wands below.

If this card appears in your reading, it means that you are reacting to a situation in a defensive manner, which may be unwarranted.  Whether you are male or female, old or young, it behooves you to ask, “Am I being attacked?”  Many people live their lives from a hyper-vigilant point of attraction where they are constantly using part of their vital energy to stay alert and attuned for any implication and/or assertive behavior that  insults, demeans, criticizes, or belittles them.  They then slip into the victim/bully/savior behavior (see “Stuck at Survival” in an earlier post).  Others who are super-competitive believe there can be only one winner and so defend against being labeled a loser (see “Stuck at the Power level” in an earlier post).  In both cases, the price tag on being defensive is high; it keeps you from being present, drains your energy, and reduces your chances for fun and happiness.

As with the other sevens, the good news is that you always have choices and the right to change your mind/behavior and head in a new direction.  You can be pro-active rather than reactive.  The seven of wands shows up to make you aware that you may have chosen to fight a battle that doesn’t exist or will not make you feel better if you win..


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