Tarot Ones: Magician, Wheel of Fortune. Sun, and Aces

The MagicianThe SunWheel of FortuneAce of CupsAce of PentaclesAce of SwordsAce of Wands

The tarot ones all refer back to the Magician and stand for beginning, doing, leading, controlling, and directing.  The Magician is portrayed as a male figure, but, as with all the tarot cards, it applies to both male and female, old and young.  It does, however, speak to what is considered active, male energy.  The magician holds a double-terminated crystal wand in his right hand, which is extended skyward while his left hand is pointed downward toward the earth.  The crystal wand is vertical, able to channel energy from the upper realms to the earth where it can be put to work.

The table in front of the magician holds the symbols for the four suits of the minor arcana.  This means the magician has all the tools available to him.  The infinity symbol above his head speaks to his perfect alignment with all the resonant frequencies that permit harmony, flow, and manifestation.

If the magician appears in your reading, it means that you can do magic.  You can translate, transform, and transmute energies from the higher planes and turn them into concrete realities on earth.  You are one of the movers and shakers on the planet.  You can make tings happen almost as if by magic.  The only caution, if there is one, is to use some discernment to employ the best, most appropriate tool to get the job done.

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